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Mike Featherstone. BA Hons Fine Art. I am an artist and writer based in the North East of England. I was a Television Engineer for 35 years and have been a painter most of my life. I paint most subjects and changed from oil to acrylics when I was at college.

I love paint and like to try to represent the subject using simple brush strokes, especially with portraits. I like the boldness of Van Gogh, the Fauves, the Expressionists and many more.

Many of my paintings reflect my sculptural boxes in that they portray spaces that both evoke memory and are in themselves metaphors for the mind. As a writer I am interested in the big questions such as, what is life really about and do we survive death. I explore the possible answers in my book ‘The Living Dream’.http://featherstoneblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Many of my paintings feature roads that are a metaphor for the mind’s journey through life, scenes are memories of places where people live and work and I absolutely love the magic of an old High Street with its variety of buildings and chimney pots as they rise and fall unexpectedly like a piece of music.  It is this varied and unexpected element that I try to represent with paint and colour in my more loose and abstract work. The power of colour is such that a small splash of it in the greyest of scenes can lift a picture out of the dull and boring and give it that spark of life which captures the eye of the beholder.  I think that some of the best paintings are created almost unconsciously and much to the delight of the artist who can then find it very hard to let go of this unexpected gem.

As a person I try to be pretty tolerant but I don’t like the way authority treats well-meaning  people. 


2010:- Last month CAS had a great model Shannon who was dressed in an Edwardian costume. (See ‘Portrait’ Gallery.) People say that painting is relaxing but portrait painting requires a lot of concentration. On the 12th of June we were kindly invited to Skelton Castle which was built by the Normans in twelve hundred and something. This is a great place to paint – the work is still in progress. On Saturday the 19th of June I went to the Viridian gallery in Keswick to see the works of the Hartlepool Art group. 2010:- In July I visited the “Artsbank” in Saltburn and will be exhibiting some work there. It’ s fantastic venue for Saltburn, Teesside and our corner of the North East. After viewing a huge variety of art you can go down to the beach on the Cliff railway, (Funicular.) have a walk along the pier and see the magnificent views. I have also made several visits to the superb Zillah Bell Gallery at Kirkgate in Thirsk. Over Christmas I had four portraits on display at the Macmillan College in Middlesbrough, the home of the Cleveland Art Society. On the 25th of August I visited “Nest”, Barnard Castle’s new gallery, studio, digital hub and cafe’ in Newgate near the market cross. The furniture, paintings, photography and lunch were first class. On Friday the 11th of February 2011 I re-visited ‘The nest’ It has now been taken over by Arts Bank. Monday 14th Feb – Saltburn, Arts Bank is now featuring the Transporter bridge there are paintings and a large Meccano model. We are well into 2011 now Friday 17th June went to Bianco Nero at 14 Bridge Road, Stokesley and viewed the exhibition by Sophie McKay Knight. – With a simple use of colour and form she has created striking images that I presume depict Sophie herself. Saturday 2nd of July we visited the Baltic at Gateshead. It’s a great building with spectacular views but much of the exhibition was disappointing for the size of the venue. We went on to the Biscuit Factory over the river where I was particularly interested in Jim Edwards’ new work. He has moved out of the city into the country and his slightly comic style landscapes reflect this. Brilliant!! Jim also has some work at Arts Bank. July 14th we visited the Gallerina gallery in Duke Street Darlington. http://www.gallerina.co.uk/news.html A really friendly and well presented gallery there were stunning portraits by Steven Lawler and landscapes by Mark Johnson amongst others. We also called at the Arts Centre, Vane Terrace – not too far away that featured brilliantly wacky sculptures, superb animal drawings and photographs. On the 11th of August I went to Gallery TS1 in Middlesbrough to the opening night of Shelly Oyston’s paintings and on the 12th to see Miranda Richmond’s work at the Python Gallery. Both of these artists are interested in the use of paint and colour which have an endless fascination for me.
I must see Platforms Arts new exhibition space at Middlesbrough Station. In October we visited ZillaH Bell and a new gallery in Thirsk. We then went on to Easingwold.


It’s 2012 now – Tony Charles had a new exhibition at Platform Arts and as always well worth seeing. I have three portraits on exhibition at McMillan College together with AB1 (above). On Wednesday 11th April Stephen Ashurst from Matlock demonstrated portrait painting at Hartlepool Art Club. – Magnificent especially considering the short time available. Its August 2012. I have taken 4 new paintings (See above) and framed prints to Arts Bank.
Arts Bank is now opening at 137 High Street, in Yarm. (Just over the bridge.) 3rd & 4th of November. Popped in Saturday morning. Lots of bright and cheerful pictures including McKenzie Thorpe & Rolf Harris. Ray Lonsdale’s metal sculptures were on display in the courtyard. Brilliant as usual.


On Saturday the 17th of November Paul & I visited the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. The paintings of old times were deeply absorbing. We went onto the Baltic which was packed with all kinds of interesting things created by Jim Shaw and Bojan Fajfric.


Next Exhibition is at Hartlepool Art Gallery Preview 16 Nov last day 5th Jan 2013.


Friday 3rd of May 2013. Cleveland Art Society opened its exhibition at Cafe Infinity on Stockton’s Riverside. It’s a smashing place for a drink, a meal or a cup of coffee surrounded by great views and art work. It’s on Moat Street just off the river road before reaching the Yarm Road – Thornaby bridge roundabout.
On Friday the 31st of May Cleveland Art Society opened its latest exhibition at ‘The Heritage Gallery’ – The old Cargo Fleet Offices on Cargo Fleet Lane off the A66 at the roundabout near McDonald’s then first left. Lots of great paintings to see and a great place to eat and drink.




Catlow Hall, South Wingate.
On Friday the 19th of July Marjory Shotton had a very successful opening of her exhibition in aid of Prostate Cancer UK. I was with ten artists that exhibited. Lots of hard work by Marjory, a fantastic venue, a must see for next year.
Sadly Arts Bank is closing but will still have a presence on line and at their new gallery on Teesside Industrial Estate. (Follow the TC signs) . They have a new and very well presented website – I’m sure all who have been associated with them wish them well.
Cleveland Art Society has just finished it’s annual exhibition at Stokesley Town Hall and is having a short break until Thursday 5th of September when members will bring their own work for discussion. On the 12th they will continue with their own work and on Thursday 19th there will be a life model. Sat 26th October I attended Platform Arts Open Day (Middlesbrough Station) Lorraine Brown’s work used light to reflect colour then Gilks Street where I am sad to say the building will be sold after something like 20 years as artists studio. Monday 4th November I popped into Artrium in Middleton Grange Shopping Center Hartlepool. Their aim is to use art to help improve mental health, provide employment for local artists



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