Mike Featherstone artist

Paintings, Prints and Sculptural Boxes


2017     Billingham Forum Billingham Art Society.  Before Christmas

2017     Stockton Library Billingham Art Society. Before Christmas

2017    Thorpe Thewles  Billingham Art Society. 28 29th October  

2017    Billingham Library  x 3    Billingham Art Society. 

2017    St Cuthbert’s Church Billingham   Billingham Art Society. 

2017    Members & Models  Heritage Gallery  Cleveland Art Society 

2016    Billingham Forum   Billingham Art Society. 

2016     Thorpe Thewles   Billingham Art Society. 

2016     Hartlepool Art Society Winter Exhibition. 

2016     “Personal Dwellings” by the Cleveland Art Society. Heritage Gallery Middlesbrough. 

2015      Stockton Billingham Art Society Preston Park

2015      Billingham Forum

2015      Thorpe Thewles Exhibition.

2015      Stockton Billingham Art Society Exhibition

2014      Heritage Gallery. Feb 28th  Two Bridges 

2013      Hartlepool Art Club  Annual Exhibition at Hartlepool Art Gallery

2013.     Photobox Galleries for on line prints.

2013      Catlow Hall

2013      Cleveland Art Society Annual Exhibition at Stokesley

2013      Heritage Gallery  Middlesbrough.

2013      Infinity Cafe Riverside Stockton.

2013      Arts Bank Saltburn

2012      Hartlepool Art Club Winter Exhibition.

2012 –   McMillan City Technology College. Cleveland Art Society.

2011      ‘Arts Hartlepool.’  Upstairs in shopping center. Until May 31st

2011      Arts Bank, Saltburn & ‘The Nest’ Barnard Castle.

2010 –   Jan 2011 McMillan City Technology College. Cleveland Art Society.

2010      Arts Bank, Saltburn

2010.     Preston Park Stockton.

2009      Hartlepool Art Club Winter Exhibition.

2009.     Saltburn Art Exhibition.
2008.     CAS Summer Exhibition. Stokesley.

2007.     Saltburn Art Exhibition.
               Borough Hall. Art Club Exhibition.

2006.     Hartlepool Art Club. Annual Exhibition.

               Hartlepool Library. Art Club Exhibition.

               Open Art Exhibition Billingham Art Gallery.

2005.    Hartlepool Art Club. 58th Annual Exhibition

               Arc. Stockton-on-Tees.

              Various Art Club Exhibitions in Hartlepool.

               Great Society, Great Eastern Street, London EC2.

2004.    Hartlepool Art Club. 57th Annual Exhibition

               Room at the Top. Individuals, High Street Yarm, Cleveland.

               Inside Art & Art Inside. Surface Gallery, Nottingham.

               320  Linthorpe Road. Middlesbrough Old Art Gallery.

                Darlington Arts Centre.

                Cleveland College of Art and Design, Degree Show
                  at retail outlet ‘Psyche.’ 

1998 – 2003. Exhibitions for Internal Assessment

                Cleveland College of Art and Design. BA HONS Fine Art

 1997- 2002. ‘Special Occasions.’ Billingham.

 1990.    Exhibition at National Provincial Building Society, Stockton.
                 Personal Exhibition of Paintings at Billingham Library.

 1987.   Sales through retail outlet Thornville Gallery. Hartlepool.

 1982     Cleveland Art Society  Exhibition, Middlesbrough Art Gallery.